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Financial Planning is all about helping our clients achieve their lifetime goals.

I had the pleasure of meeting with some long-term clients – Ian & Evelyn, recently who had the retirement goal of buying a 4WD & caravan so they could explore this beautiful country we live in.

Ian & Evelyn’s 4WD & Caravan Route

We set this goal a number of years ago and have been able to tick off a number of milestones along the way including the day they picked up “The Rig” as they called it. Over the following months, they set off on small trips to get accustomed to their new mode of transport and Ian’s Boys’ Brigade training came in handy whilst planning for their big trip.

It was a great feeling when they came in for their review and proudly produced this map to show us the 19000kms they covered over their 4.5-month journey, along with their detailed budget which recorded all their expenditure whilst on their adventure.

Unfortunately, due to Covid restrictions, they couldn’t fulfil their entire goal of making it around Australia but it has helped them with their future goals as they now know what to pack and how much to budget for their future trips which they worked out to be approx. $1/km.

A silver lining for them was that whilst away their retirement funds performed well and the returns more than covered their travel expenses!

As we set goals in life, it is always important to be flexible as things out of our control (like Covid) potentially will get in your way.

Don’t stop striving for that goal, look for ways to make it happen. As Ian & Evelyn stated, if it wasn’t for Covid they wouldn’t have turned back at Uluru and come across some of their favourite places on their adventure.

We are looking forward to hearing about some of the exciting trips they have planned once the borders open up as they are now aiming to explore South Australia and the East coast.

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