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There are plenty of mortgage tools and brokers out there.  Sure, they can give you a mortgage, but will they then provide you with ongoing financial strategies to rid yourself of that debt ASAP and pay as little interest as possible?

Our Mortgage Advisers at JVA have access to hundreds of packages from over fifty different banks and credit unions.

We take your full financial profile to all of them to find the best lending options for you – rather than trying to adapt an ill-fitting, generic lender package to your situation.

Mortgage Advisers

How do we differ to a standard Mortgage Broker?

As we consider your complete financial profile, we can ensure that your facilities are structured in a manner that is tax effective.

We also provide access to debt reduction strategies and provide ongoing monitoring of your cash flow so you can be certain that you are on the right track to pay down your debt faster.

We regularly review your loan structure to assess its ongoing suitability for your overarching financial objectives and to ensure that your package keeps up to date with the market and your requirements.

Whether you’re new to the mortgage and lending world or have existing financial commitments, we’re driven by seeing you achieve your full financial potential, not by lending commissions or trails.




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