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You work hard to build your investments and grow your assets, so you need to protect the wealth you’ve generated.

A well-constructed financial plan has two parts – wealth creation and wealth preservation. Your continued wealth creation is based on the assumption you’ll stay healthy and live to a particular age, but unforeseen circumstances can arise impacting those plans.

Wealth protection, in the form of income protection, trauma insurance and life insurance, can assist you or your family in meeting financial commitments should you be unable to work due to accident, illness or death.


Worst-Case Scenarios

In the event you can no longer work, consider how long your family could continue to support mortgage repayments, legal and medical bills, utility bills, your children’s education, car maintenance and all the other upkeep costs that you currently support, without your regular income.  Those hard-earned savings would soon vanish and your family’s financial future put in question.

Even those without family or debt commitments, imagine how long you could service your current lifestyle if you were injured, had mounting medical bills and couldn’t earn an income?  Income protection could mean the difference between staying independent and moving back in with the parents.

As the leading financial advisors in Perth we can can assist you in determining how much coverage you need should the unfortunate occur and find the best provider and package to suit your situation.




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