Super investment options – what’s right for you?

When it comes to superannuation, most funds offer a range of investment options. If there’s one thing certain in life it’s change. And generally, your attitude towards saving and investing will change as you get older. How your super is invested when starting your first job may not be the right approach when you’re approaching […]

Time is running out to maximise your superannuation contributions

Changes to the superannuation regulations take effect on 1 July this year. Before they do, you can make the most of the current rules by making larger contributions. Superannuation opportunities before June 30, 2017 After-tax superannuation contribution You can contribute $80,000 more in after-tax super contributions now than will be possible from 1 July, when […]

The 5 critical times to get financial advice

There’s no bad time to seek financial advice. Financial advice is not just about retirement.  It’s also about risk, tax, growing your wealth and protecting it from a turn of bad luck or the taxman. The right advice from a Financial Planner in Perth can make a big difference on your outcomes and achievements, helping […]

Selling equity in your architectural practice

What are the key issues you should consider when selling equity in your architectural practice? So you own equity in an architectural practice and  have surprised yourself at how well you have done, considering you may not have had any formal training in running a business. After all, studying and practising as an architect does […]

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