One Simple Way to Pay Less Tax

Super is real money, and it’s your money. Top up your super now and claim a tax deduction before 30 June, plus help give your super balance a welcome boost.

A Guide to Planning for Aged Care

The latest Intergenerational Report¹ tells us that Australians aged 65 years and over accounted for 14% of the population – and that figure is rising. Whether you’re concerned about your

Age Pension while travelling outside Australia

Nearly one-fifth of age pensioners travelled abroad last year and the numbers are increasing. As we move into colder temperatures and experience the increased desire to escape to warmer locations,

Is 2017 the best time to refinance your mortgage?

After six years, the trend of falling home loan interest rates may be coming to an end.  The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) has cut interest rates every year since

2017 Perth Property Seminar

On Wednesday 15 February, valued clients gathered at a JVA hosted seminar with guest speaker Ben Lamers, Director & Licensee of LMW Advisory. Ben leads a team of buyers agents and property advisers that act

Selling equity in your architectural practice

What are the key issues you should consider when selling equity in your architectural practice? So you own equity in an architectural practice and  have surprised yourself at how well